Design Your Destiny

Friday December 6th & Saturday December 7th 2019

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The View Brisbane Riverview Hotel
Cnr Kingsford Smith Drive & Hunt St
Hamilton QLD 4007

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Design a plan that targets business success for the upcoming year with congruent elements.
Relate universal structures and values with your inner self and its core values.
Be who you should be inside and out, built on strong, flexible and lasting foundations.

Design Your Destiny Mind Mastery retreats will help you...

  • Connect to your essential values as a blueprint for more effective brain codes
  • Realign your beliefs with your heart's desires to create unimpeded flow in your mind
  • Know how the 10 Dimensions of Life operate and apply as powerful universal values
  • View your intentions with absolute clarity and follow the path of ideal outcomes and fulfillment
  • Find your true self based on the Four Foundations: Values, Beliefs, The 10 Dimensions of Life and Intention
  • Answer challenges from within a circle of strength, passion and self-confidence


Founders of NeuroCoding©

Catherine Connolly

Founder | Owner is a highly respected mentor and lecturer on leadership, human relationships, and high level communication strategies for sustainable thinking. She has degrees in psychology, neuro-linguistics, neuro-science, psychotherapy and ancient cultures.

Rex Urwin

Mentor | Coach has over 20 years of experience in academe and practical therapy and an unequaled skill in personal mentoring that empowers and motivates retreat participants unfailingly.

Early Bird Registration

Get 50% Off Regular Price -- Valid Until Nov. 29, 2019

Harness Natural Secrets for a Spectacularly Successful Business Year

We guide you to clarity, peace, purpose, business success and happiness that allows you, your family and team inspiring, enjoyable lifestyles.

Design Your Destiny retreats were created to empower you in business and everyday life. This is done by helping you create new and better brain codes through practical exercises, which you can do after or beyond the retreat.

The skills you take out (in NeuroCode© and in Mindset Mastery) from the retreat will be balanced with your strengths, while your weaknesses are eliminated. Weaknesses are the elephant in the room, which must be taken out. This is replaced by the new elephant, the elephant of our brand icon, which has the most useful qualities your mind needs: strength, empathy, and sustainable thinking.

Finally, the success you will be achieving in life or business with your Design Your Destiny skills will round out or enhance prosperity in your community and the world.